Torqeedo Electric outboard motors

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A reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, these German built motors offer a cost effective alternative to our Honda outboard engines.

Some key features of the range:

  • Highest overall efficiency on the market – Torqeedo motors convert the existing battery capacity up to twice as efficient into propulsion as conventional outboards.
  • Most advanced rechargeable battery systems – Torqeedo uses lithium-manganese high-performance batteries – the safest of all lithium-based battery systems. These possess an extremely high energy density, deliver high current, and are safe and maintenance-free
  • Efficiency turned into power – Torqeedo sets new standards in terms of power and efficiency with the latest generation of highly-efficient, electronically commutated torque motors.
  • Superior propeller technology – The characteristic Variable-Pitch-Variable-Camber (VPVC) propeller has been specially calculated for the high-performance torque of Torqeedo Torque motors using methods of commercial navigation. It translates the power of the motors into propulsive power at the highest level of efficiency.
  • Simple maneuvering – Torqeedo motors do not need idling speed and are extremely propulsive even at low rotational speeds. This enables powerful maneuverability with centimeter precision.
  • Simple charging – Torqeedo batteries can easily be charged using any socket
  • High level of safety – The Torqeedo motor program works in the safe low-voltage range up to 42 V. For this reason there is no danger of explosions or electrical shocks.
  • No maintenance – Torqeedo motor are constructed in such a way that they require no maintenance.
  • No pollution of the water – Torqeedo motors do not contaminate waters with petrol or diesel oil.
  • Clean – electric motors do not produce greenhouse gasses or any form of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
  • Low noise emission – while using a Torqeedo motor, you hear the wind and the waves.

There is also 25% discount in the Thames River Licence when using an electric outboard engine.

We can also supply a wide range of spares and accessories to complement the engines such as throttles, batteries, cables, fuses and switches.

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