Why Choose Honda?

Quality. Guaranteed.

There’s a simple reason why you’ll see so many Honda products still hard at work after many years of service: ours are built better to last longer.

Our products are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our warranties maintain the same value throughout their lifetime, so the last day of the cover is exactly the same as the first one. Solid and dependable. It’s the Honda way.

Service and support

We appoint our dealers with as much care as we build our products. Every dealer follows an extensive training programme and attends regular refresher courses. That’s why you can rely on their advice and product knowledge to help choose what’s right for you.

Each dealer has access to reliable 24-hour parts delivery and has been fully trained to carry out professional, cost-effective servicing.

Honda innovation

For a long time, people thought that only 2-stroke engines could be used for compact products. As the world’s number 1 engine manufacturer, that got us thinking. Why couldn’t our 4-stroke technology work for compact products too?

Our 4-stroke engine offers cleaner exhaust gas emissions, better fuel economy and lower noise levels. Now you can find this technology innovation in everything from our cars to lawnmowers to generators to powerboat engines.

We let nothing get in the way of a good idea. Our designers continually test the boundaries of science as well as their own imaginations. That’s why our cars, motorcycles, ATVs, outboard engines and power equipment products are used the world over, consistently winning new awards, new accolades and new friends.

Whatever you do 6 year warranty full honda servicing why choose a honda